Brian Allen Vanderburg II wrote:
> Anyhow I though about some more ideas for a brush dynamics system, these 
> are just some ideas  I doubt I could do much with them myself though but 
> I may try to familiarize myself with the code anyhow.

Hi and thanks for the suggestions! They are however not very original
and along the lines of what most other people propose as far as an
improved brush dynamics system goes. What is needed is less proposals
and more people actually writing some code ;)

It's great to hear you are curious about the code. The best place to
hang around when getting acquainted to the code is #gimp @
as this is where the core developers also hang around. Feel free to drop
by and ask any questions you have. You also probably will want to get in
touch with Alexia_Death who has a few brush dynamics hacks up her sleeve.

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