On Saturday 25 October 2008 11:02:57 Brian Allen Vanderburg II wrote:

> Anyhow I though about some more ideas for a brush dynamics system, these
> are just some ideas  I doubt I could do much with them myself though but
> I may try to familiarize myself with the code anyhow.
Most of what you have suggested has already been detailed. There is a concept 
of curves driven dynamics GUI. But there is nobody to realize it. Thats where 
it is stuck now. I am capable of making the functionality, but not the GUI.

> Anyway those are the ideas.  I doubt any of those are compatible with
> the current code though.
Compatible in what sense? The dynamics calculation system is very simple and 
rather extensible. when a brush needs a value ie "opacity" it queries a 
function for it. The function returns the mixed value based on the coord set 
passed an the state of dynamics options. Extending it is very simple.  Making 
the GUI for it and linking it to code is not(at least for me). If you would be 
interested of working on it, it would be great.

-- Alexia
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