Hi Martin,

  Agree this should be tested on Linux and other supported platforms.

Also agree an output quality slider is also required, ideally with a
real-time preview 
versus the original to enable optimal use.

Can anyone point me at a link explaining how to switch the compiler/linker
to msdev , so 
I can remove the cygwin dependency ?

I could do this by taking apart the makefiles and figuring out the library
but a more straightforward solution should exist.

I also had to add a WinMain command line to argc,argv convertor to gimp.h -
welcome to merge. This was copy & pasted from the net - I didn't write it,
so it would be 
worth someone checking it's ok. I was surprised I needed to do this. Maybe
I have a 
faulty build environment .. ? 

I am not going to be able to allocate much time to this at the moment as we
are a small, 
struggling start up. If anyone else wants to pick this up and run with it,
you are most 
welcome to do so !

Anyway, this was a quick & dirty get it up and running first pass. Still
work to do, but 
it's a start !

Best regards,

> > Hi guys,
> >
> > This new GIMP JPEG-2000 plugin is now available from :
> >
> > http://advance-software.com/download/tools/gimp_j2k.zip
> >   

Very interesting! In order to speed up the process of considering adding
this to vanilla GIMP you should try this on Linux to make sure it works
nicely and also provide a patch against SVN trunk. It also must be
possible to set the output quality of course.


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