>> Well I'm not sure it is valid to call it "faulty" since you've obviously
> It should not be particularly difficult to enhance your build system to
> build natively on 
> Windows. I suggest looking at the Mozilla build system for an example of
> how to do this 
> properly.

The core developers all develop on Linux where building GIMP is vastly
easier, so if you want it to be easier to build GIMP on Windows you
would have to contribute patches yourself. I think GLib and/or GTK+ has
MSDev build files in a build-subdir.
> One example. This pkgconfig thingy.  In every module, I needed to edit each
> .pc file so 
> that :
> prefix=[local path to module]
> ... now, what's this all about ?

Um, what? Not sure why edited the .pc files, but I'm pretty sure you
didn't have to.

Have you ever built anything on Linux? If not, maybe you should before
you building Linux software on Windows, which is 100 times more difficult ;)

- Martin
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