see bug: [Bug 553534] centering issues after image scaling and setting 
zoom to 100%

Martin's comment 13 says in part:
 >Regarding your second point, I think that behavior might have been 
 >when zooming out didn't center the image if the image fits in the 
 >Since it does that now, it might be reasonable to change that back. 
Please ask
 >for feedback on the gimp-developer mailing list regarding this. If it 
turns out
 >people like to focus on the image under the cursor even when the cursor is
 >outside the image window, we can change this back.

With Preferences - Image Windows - Zoom+Resize set to:
Resize window on Zoom=OFF
Resize window on image size change=OFF
Initial zoom ration: Fit to window

And an image currently displayed fully in the window (ie. press 
Invoke Zoom tool, press Ctrl+Click five times and image gets smaller and 
smaller and "disappears" upper left. see 15 second video here:

Not shown in video, but with mouse in same (upper left quadrant) 
position, click (not ctr l+click) five times and image starts "growing" 
and starts "disappearing" lower right.

I'm not sure *what* the behavior *should be* here but current behavior 
doesn't seem right?

I would expect that whatever the desired behavior is, it s/b symmetric 
ie. at some point sequence of ctr l+click(s) followed by click(s) would 
return window to image being displayed, centered.

Note - even when the image has been greatly reduced and vanished 
upper-left a click in the zoom widget (lower right)  re-centers it in 
the main display so that's GOOD.

There is discussion in the bug-report about patches but I'm not sure 
whether current SVN behavior is still as per what I see (or if its even 

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