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> Cygwin as a tools environment on win32 is fine. The mozilla project uses a
> similar setup 
> and it works nicely. Tor mentions a couple of others.

Please don't spread misinformation. Mozilla switched to MSYS from cygwin
for Firefox 3.x years ago, because cygwin sucked.
> The issue is not the tools, but the compiler/linker. When building on
> win32, you want to 
> identify this is the case and pick up a 'standard' compiler - usually
> msdev, so that you 
> build against the standard runtime, select appropriate compile/linker flags
> and don't end 
> up with Cygwin dependencies. Whether moving your entire build system to a
> cross platform 
> build solution is "easy" or not, remains to be seen. It is certainly
> possible - evidence 
> - the mozilla build system.

As said before, Mozilla doesn't use cygwin anymore. And the rest of the
build system is considered a horrible pile of unwieldly crap, but
would take several man-months to redo, so nothing gets done about it.

> Regarding volunteering. No, thanks. No-one enjoys this work. It is tedious
> and dull. 
> Way too busy, anyway. Sorry.

Then you admit it's not as easy as you claim.

So far all your criticisms are invalidated because you don't have your
facts straight.

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