With a recent SVN build of GIMP, I noticed that after entering a new
size in the 'Resize Canvas' dialog, the dialog would not show the new
size, and became unresponsive until I moved the window -- then it
would show the new size and respond to input.

To be exact, I did this:
 1. Bring up the 'resize canvas' dialog
 2. Unchain the width and height
 3. Type a new number in the width field and hit Return

NOTE: This bug only occurs when the width and height are unchained;
When they are unchained, you can trigger the bug by modifying either
width or height and hitting Return.

This bug also occurs in the similar 'layer boundary size' dialog,
triggered in the exact same way. It does not occur with scaling

I'm using AwesomeWM 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.04, with recent SVN GTK and SVN
GLib. Has anyone else encountered this?
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