> Please don't spread misinformation. Mozilla switched to MSYS from cygwin
for Firefox 3.x years ago, because cygwin sucked.

Mozilla has switched to MSYS, though not so long ago - for the Gecko 1.9

I haven't noticed Cygwin sucking. I have noticed MSYS sucking.

> And the rest of the build system is considered a horrible pile of
unwieldly crap,

By you, perhaps. I quite like it - it works !

I have had no difficulty building Mozilla on win32. I have been able to
switch compilers 
between MSVC and Intel with little difficulty. The tree can also be built
with gcc. 

> Then you admit it's not as easy as you claim.

I never said it would be easy. I said it was possible.

> So far all your criticisms are invalidated because you don't have your
facts straight.

Incorrect. Whether Mozilla builds with cygwin or msys is neither here not
there. It can 
in fact, as far as I am aware, still build with both.

Your build system needs work. I'm sorry you don't like hearing that.

I will avoid it until these matters are addressed.

I appreciate the hard work that everyone has put into this project. 

I hope you find this feedback from a win32 focussed developer helpful. 

(There are still a few of us left)


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