>  it was trivial to modify the Unix
> Makefile to work with mingw. Took some fifteen minutes.

That said, as there already *are* official Windows binaries (including
a DLL) of libopenjpeg available from the openjpeg.org site, why not
use that instead of compiling an own build? My personal opinion has
always been that one should use official DLLs when available and

That the OpenJPEG.dll evidently is linked with a static unknown C
library and not the msvcrt.dll that mingw-compiled code uses should
not be of any harm here, as the libopenjpeg API doesn't seem to pass
any references to data inside the C library (like file descriptors,
including those in FILE structs).

Sure, the openjpeg_v1_3_win32.zip contains no import library for the
GNU toolchain, just the MS import library OpenJPEG.lib. But it should
be trivial to generate a .def file from the DLL with the pexports
command, and then an import library from the .def file with the
dlltool command (both part of mingw).

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