> Hy i just try the plugin  on windows XP jpg2000 has subcategories
> at least my viewers,Xnview display 2 options to save as jpg2000.

> 1 JPG2-LuraWawe-JPEG-2000-Format
> and 
> 2 JG2-JPEG-2000-JPG2-File-Format

> The plugin open successfully preview and the file ONLY for type 1

> Type 2 dispay no preview, when i try to open the file issue this error

> "JP2 image plug-in returned SUCCESS but did not return an image"


I think the error message is misleading. I don't think this has anything to
do with 
LuraWave, which is a commercial optimised j2k implementation.

There are two types of JPEG-2000 files. 

1. Minimalistic "code streams" or .j2k files.

2. An extended format with additional header information (usually saved as
".jp2" files)

The current implementation saves only the "code streams"  (.j2k files).

The current implementation could be enhanced to support the additional
format, if anyone 
needs this capability. We only need codestreams, so that's all I've
implemented for now.


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