I am working on an image processing plug-in (which I'll offer for
upstream contribution BSD-licensed), and would really like to have a
couple of primitives that I can't find.

One is finding "islands" in an image: take a channel and create new
layers each with one contiguous region in the channel.  So if the
channel has ten islands, create ten new layers, each with one of the
islands.  Since this could be unwieldy (too many new layers), one new
layer with one island would suffice; one could then process that island
layer, subtract it from the original, and move on.

Another is integrals: zero, first and second moments, or alternatively,
integrals/sums of channel intensity, x- and y-weighted intensity, and
x^2, y^2 and xy-weighted intensity.  This lets me fit an ellipse to an
island, and then display major and minor axes.

Finally, opening and storing data files.  I'd like to be able to create
a CSV file with statistics of the islands: size, centroid, aspect ratio
(major/minor axis ratio), major axis orientation.  One could then
further process these statistics in a spreadsheet or other program.

I can do the first two in scheme, though it would be slow, but tolerable
for my needs.  I don't see a script-fu primitive which would let me do
the last.

If there are other packages which can do this, that would be helpful.
But having it in the same program/UI as GIMP, with all of its other
image manipulation tools, and with its presence across platforms, would
be even better.  I'd love to have your ideas.

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