Quoting Adam C Powell IV <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I don't suppose there's a script-fu interface to the file browser for
> setting the file name...

The registration parameters (SF-FILE) get evaluated when Script-fu is  
loaded (or scripts are "Refreshed") and dialog boxes for file browsing  
otherwise use the "last values" with which the function was invoked.  
(In other words, I don't believe it possible to set the filename.)

> Thanks, got it working.  And Saul, text is all I need, can't speak for
> others.

I don't think that Script-fu needs the functionality to access binary  
files (nor that 'read-byte' and 'write-byte' would be the best  
approach); however, it does seem that the TinyScheme interpreter  
should provide such support.

> One more question: I can't seem to access procedures in my scripts from
> the console.  That is, if I define some procedures in files
> in .gimp-2.4/scripts/foo, the console doesn't know they exist.  Is there
> a way to access those procedures from the console?

Filenames in the 'scripts' folder must have the extension ".scm" or  
they are ignored by Script-fu. If you rename your file to "foo.scm",  
all functions defined within it should be available in the console.

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