I tried discussing it on IRC couple of days ago, but, as usual for
IRC, it quickly went to absurd, so let's try it again.

There is a good chance of having a real investment into development of
GIMP starting next year and up to 2011. Right now I'm not in position
to say in a public list where it would be coming from. I do know your
general attitude to bounties, but somehow you have managed to
successfully participate at GSoC twice, so I think it's still worth
discussing it.

What I want is a list of two to four projects that would make GIMP
stand out significantly further. I could name a couple of such
projects, but you definitely know better what you want and can do in
the end. Of course, this work should go upstream and thus be part of a
development/release cycle, mentored by usability team etc. etc.

So please think of several really important tasks and let me know what
they are within next 2-3 weeks.

It doesn't have to be just one person. It could be a small team too.
But everybody who participates should be someone who knows Wilber's
guts well enough to start a surgery without much procrastination :-)

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