Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> Hi,
> So please think of several really important tasks and let me know what
> they are within next 2-3 weeks.


I'm not sure what level of detail you are after, or how feasible the
tasks should be, but here's a start. Some of these items overlap:

* Continue porting stuff to GEGL
* Introduce Layer Groups
* Introduce so called Adjustment Layers
* Introduce support for higher than 8 bpc editing
* Add more dynamics to the Brush Dynamics system
* Add support for lazy loading of data files (instead of all at startup)
* Make the Toolbox and Docks dockable to the image window
* Add support for a tabbed interface (many images in one window)
* Make IWarp into a tool
* Merge transform tools into one tool
* Rewrite the unit system and e.g. New Image dialog
* Add support for vector layers
* Improve Inkscape/vector graphics compatibility
* Add support for editing on other color spaces than RGB, e.g. CMYK

That's from the top of my head.

Personally I find what you are saying nothing but interesting and I am
looking forward to seeing how this folds out.

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