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There is a good chance of having a real investment into development of
GIMP starting next year and up to 2011. Right now I'm not in position
to say in a public list where it would be coming from. I do know your
general attitude to bounties, but somehow you have managed to
successfully participate at GSoC twice, so I think it's still worth
discussing it.

I think it would be impossible to give any sort of full answer to this without
more information. Are you talking about a level of support that would:

1) allow somebody like Sven or Mitch to work full-time on a project if
they wanted to

or 2) allow somebody like Sven or Mitch to work on it part-time

or 3) bring in an inexperienced person to work full time for a while

or 4) support multiple people working nearly-full-time for an extended

or 5) support a student over a few months, like GSOC?

Quite obviously the sort of project that would be feasible depends on
which of these scenarios you have in mind.

-- Bill
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