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> This has been discussed somewhat in the very distant past. The last
A lot, actually:

> discussion ended with the verdict that recording user actions (and
> playing then back later) would not be possible without rewriting the
> Gimp core.
Specifically the PDB (procedural database)-- currently, only some
things (like plugins) that show up in the UI are actually called
through PDB.. Rockwalrus was working on a library 'libpdb' at some
which was supposed to implement important functionality for PDB
(default values; named parameters)
to allow this to happen.
However, he vanished from GIMP development some time ago, as you can see:


Something like libpdb would help; However the real issue is simply the
size of the job, and how to present the implementation to the user
when it is only partially complete.

> So now that things are moving to GEGL, I'd like to resurrect
> this feature request.
> From what I remember back in photoshop 6, one
> could pretty much push a button and record everything that is being done
> on an image. Then, when a new image is opened, those actions are played
> on it. With GEGL, would it be possible to do something like this (as
> easy as just pressing a button, instead of learning a scripting
> language)?
GEGL has a little to do with this. It will effect how easy it is to
record changes to the image structure.
... there are more actions than just image-structure modification.
For example creating a new view, adding colors to a palette, or
copying the selected region.
It will have some effect, by itself it could not even come close to
'making it possible' though.

Basically, it's a pretty big job, in which GEGL has relatively minor relevance.

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