I was thinking....

all colors can be specified with light wavelength measures isn't that true?

can't it be that instead of RGB color you say light color wavelength
instead? then say the same for YMCK color too?

then can't there be where the same wavelength measure means the same
color in RGB and YMCK?

then you can say every color is evenly inbetween can't you?

like for RGB color say wavelength measure, then say wavelength measure
is YMCK color...

because of how you can say a wavelength measure for RED, GREEN, and
BLUE... then say the wavelength measure making for red is RGB red and
the wavelength measure
of green is RGB green... then from wavelength measure of RED to GREEN
is a number that goes evenly from RGB red to green.

so BLUE is wavelength measure 475nm and GREEN is wavelength measure 510

so can't you say RGB BLUE is 475 then RGB GREEN is 510 back and forth?
then color from BLUE to GREEN is even inbetween like RGB color

so then can't YMCK colors match a wavelength measure too and say from
yellow to magenta is wavelength measure?

so then RGB to color wavelength and color wavelength to YMCK? if you
say where composing colors are as wavelength measure and just say that
any two colors is between two wavelenth measures?

ok right,.. that screws up...

because instead of nm of light wavelength you can say many parts of
what are together as one light wavelength...

so if for 475nm i could say 5 or 6 numbers added together that make
for the color at 475nm, then those numbers would have to add up for
every other wavelength to say the same color... where shifting the
numbers together move between colors at wavelengths the way that they
always add together to say a color and can between wavelength measure
at same color.

so if someone knew math... 475nm is instead 6 numbers maybe... and
510nm is different numbers added together.. then at 475nm you say
those numbers added together, and with some kind of rule for how the
numbers shift and add together, they stay consistent how they add
together to say the color at a wavelength measure.

so several numbers added together say color at 475nm, then same colors
shifted can follow wavelength equilivent of color if you see how one
wavelength is a few numbers added together then another is too, but
the numbers that add together shift to mean colors at wavelength
measure, like they can shift evenly with wavelength color.

so each number is a color part that together means one color.

can't that work? doesn't there have to be a rule of numbers added
together and shifting that stay even with colors in light wavelength?

so the rule of a few numbers added together is color at 475nm and
other numbers add together to be color at 510nm, but the numbers shift
to be color smoothly between 475nm and 510nm.. like, the rule of how
they shift can be found no?

then can't the shifting rule work between YMCK colors too given
another way to shift... so back and forth between RGB and YMCK is by
the numbers that add up?
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