hi guys and girls :)

I know that adding grouping of layers requires recreating of xcf format.
Working on dozens of layers requires lots of attention and good sense of
orientation. ;) I've found another inconvenience. Namely: suppose that
we have 50 layers (nothing unusual), current layer is at the bootom of
the layer window and we don't know what is the name of the layer that we
want - presumebly we didn't named it. But we can see the object we want
on the canvas - e.g. an icon. We are clicking on it and on the layer
window the appropriate name appears for a while. This is bad solution:

As far as we know the name, we still have to scroll the slider to reach
it. So what is my purpose? Could we add another shortcut to make the
layer name still? For example right button click. It would make my life
easier. :)

So let's summarize:

Clicking on canvas shows adequate layer name in layer window.
Releasing LMB returns to our current layer.

Clicking on canvas shows adequate layer name in layer window. (LMP
is still holded) Right mouse click doesn't return to current layer but
remains at layer that we clicked.

What do you think about it? The thing is that working on dozens of
layers is really horrible. 

I hope I made myself clear :)

best regards,
Wojtek Ryrych
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