Michael Grosberg wrote:
> I just installed a clean Ubuntu 8.10 on my system, and there seems to be
> something wrong with the transient toolbox and docks. Gimp 2.6 is not supposed
> to have taskbar buttons, but as it's currently set up on my system, they do
> appear. I was able to remedy the situation by adding (transient-docks yes) to
> gimprc - but most users won't know about that. Can you contact the Ubuntu
> repository maintainers and send them an updated gimprc so new users will be 
> able
> to enjoy this feature?

I assume you are using compiz as your window manager? It should work
better with metacity.

We can't enable transient-docks by default due to other problems, see
Bug 322577 – Transient dock setting and multiple files

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