On Wednesday 05 November 2008, David Gowers wrote:

> I am such a user, and I say: This is a change I do not want, it would
> reduce my working speed further.
> This is because of the way recently-accessed lists work -- the most
> recent is at the top. This means unless I am constantly selecting
> *the* most recent (instead of eg. 2nd most recent), where I have to
> click to achieve the same result changes, because my choice reorders
> the list.

How about weighted sorting for some uppermost 2-5 flexible entries?  Using a 
certain layer mode adds weight to that mode, and each mode loses some weight 
again for each action.  I think that that's more or less how desktop 
environments manage their most used applications.

Do you think that would be less annoying?

Another problem (imho) would simply be the added length to that list, which is 
longer than what feels good to me now already.


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