On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 07:27 -0500, Rob Antonishen wrote:
> I am well aware of how open source works having personally contributed
> to a number of projects.  Unfortunately my skills do not lie in the
> area of C or C++ (I am unsure what the gimp is develpoed in).
> Perhaps my question should have been "With all of the spectacular
> enhancements to the brush options that have all appeared in the last
> major release, is adding PDB hooks to these on the current dev
> roadmap?"

No, it is not on the roadmap. GIMP has very few active developers and
these are busy working on other things (GEGL integration, layer
groups, ...). I don't think we will be able to devote core developer
resources to this. But I am sure someone will need this urgently enough
to add it. It should be a rather simple task and we will definitely find
the time to review and integrate a patch.


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