Rob Antonishen wrote:
> I've decided to try my hand at compiling gimp from source so I can
> look at possible development...
> can anyone suggest the shortest path from a blank
> hard drive to a working gimp develpment environment?

Hi and welcome!

Here are my recommendations:

* Use a distro which has packages for reasonably new versions of the
libraries GIMP depend on. Ubuntu 8.10 should work just fine.
* Don't install any dependencies you need to build yourself (typically
babl and GEGL) into /usr/local, that will only create problems. Instead
put those in /opt and refer to the libraries in /opt explicitly when
configuring GIMP/the dependencies.
* Build unoptimized, debbugable versions of GLib and GTK+ so that you
can debug seamlessly through the GIMP/GTK+/GEGL/GLib/babl stack. For
example, this is the autogen command I use to configure a fresh checkout
of GIMP trunk:

export CFLAGS='-g -O0'; ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /opt/glib-trunk/share/aclocal
-I /opt/gtk-trunk/share/aclocal"
./ --prefix=/opt/gimp-trunk

Note that setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is only necessary to please
./configure, you don't need that set when running GIMP trunk since
libtool sets up the proper rpaths for the libraries. If you just build
them in the right order you should be fine. That is, when building e.g.
GEGL, use the GLib and GTK+ in /opt.

* Take the time to learn to use an editor! Popular choices are (g)vim
and Emacs. It will take time, but it will be worth it.
* Hang around in #gimp @ a lot, that's where the rest of
the GIMP developers hang out. I hereby guarantee you that I will answer
any question you might have when setting up your GIMP build environment
(my nick is Enselic).

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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