it's only two weeks after the 2.6.2 release, but there are already quite
a few important bug-fixes in the gimp-2-6 branch. So I would like to
push out 2.6.3 in a few days. It would be nice if we could get a few
more bugs from the 2.6 milestone fixed. So if you have pending patches,
please make sure they are in Bugzilla or even committed.

It would also be nice if people could test gimp-2-6 and check that the
changes do indeed fix the reported problems and don't introduce any new
problems. Here's a list of the bugs fixed since GIMP 2.6.2:

 559490 – Wrong lang tags for 'no'
 559292 – SOTA Chrome cannot accept different textures
 560375 – Clearing an already empty document history crashes GIMP
 559580 – Image windows need better default locations
 560283 – "Scale image..." causes distortion around edges
 559716 – Changing crop size in Crop Tool Options can make UI
 558549 – Stroking a single-point path with a paint tool
          crashes GIMP
 559015 – Move tool gives bad information about px moved
 558660 – help behavior for locales without manual translation

Thanks for you help,

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