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> 1. Extend the plug-in API to deal with high bit-depth images

What needs to be done is to get rid of, or stop relying on all the
existing GIMP plug-ins that change image data (the ones changing image
structure by rearranging layers, layer masks etc and in other ways
change the state of GIMP are in a different category and are valid.
But these plug-ins should not care about the datas bit-depth). We
might need a way to specify GUIs / dialogs for GEGL operations but I
do not see how GIMP plug-ins should need to deal with higher bit-depth

For some legacy third-party plug-ins a GIMP legacy plug-in GEGL
operation wrapper could be created. In the future the only API to care
about if you want to modify actual pixels in an image should be the
GEGL operation API. GEGL operations should be inserted into the layer
list (work on this could probably start before the real switch, making
the filters be no-ops in the non GEGL-projection case).

If a user really wants to destructively modify a layer it would be
achieved by merging the filter layer with the buffer containing the
raw pixel data.

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