On Tue, 2008-11-18 at 11:05 +0000, Øyvind Kolås wrote:

> What needs to be done is to get rid of, or stop relying on all the
> existing GIMP plug-ins that change image data (the ones changing image
> structure by rearranging layers, layer masks etc and in other ways
> change the state of GIMP are in a different category and are valid.
> But these plug-ins should not care about the datas bit-depth). We
> might need a way to specify GUIs / dialogs for GEGL operations but I
> do not see how GIMP plug-ins should need to deal with higher bit-depth
> data.

As a way to migrate plug-ins, we could add a plug-in API to libgimp that
allows plug-ins to do their pixel manipulation in terms of GEGL API.
That would turn plug-ins into a GEGL operation that uses the GIMP
plug-in infrastructure for registration and for the user interface.


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