in case it's not too late (meaning "a brand-new floating selection replacement 
is to be implemented soon"), I have a small proposal to make the current 
behaviour a bit more user-friendly:

While working on a floating selection, clicking outside the floating selection
with a modifier key pressed ("Alt" seems to be free for that at the moment), a
new layer should be created in the same way as pressing the "new layer" button
in the layers dialog.

Current status:
When the mouse is outside the floating selection, a single click will anchor
the floating selection to its current "parent" layer. This behaviour is also
announced in the status bar.

Creating a new layer from a floating selection is needed about as often as 
anchoring it (if not more often). Thus a handy way to do this without moving 
the mouse across the desktop should be provided. There seems to be a default
shortcut for this already (Ctrl+Shit+N), but esp. for tablet users a single
click would be faster. Alt+click doesn't seem to be used for anything special
at the moment yet.

What do you think?

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