On Thursday 20 November 2008, David Gowers wrote:
> This is usually effectively the same as pasting (ctrl+V for most
> people, Insert for me). Is creating a floating selection that does not
> match the clipboard contents a common use case, or do we just need to
> document this behaviour better?

Sorry, I think there's a misunderstanding here:

I proposed a mouse-driven way to create a new layer from an existing floating 
selection. (And not to paste the current (floating) selection into the 
respective layer.)

And yes, that Ctrl-V anchors a copy of the current floating selection was new 
to me and probably should be better documented.  Plus the "Edit" menu entry 
still says "Paste Ctrl+V" while "Paste Into" (which does the same) does not 
have a shortcut listed.

Btw, http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-selection-float.html still seems to be from 
2.4 times (or older), I'll crosspost this fact to the gimp-docs mailing list 
as well.


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