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> On Thursday 20 November 2008, David Gowers wrote:
>> This is usually effectively the same as pasting (ctrl+V for most
>> people, Insert for me). Is creating a floating selection that does not
>> match the clipboard contents a common use case, or do we just need to
>> document this behaviour better?
> Sorry, I think there's a misunderstanding here:
> I proposed a mouse-driven way to create a new layer from an existing floating
> selection. (And not to paste the current (floating) selection into the
Okay then, 'New layer' button does this (unless you also want to keep
the floating layer around -- that can be done too with a bit of
scripting). There is also a 'new layer'  action available that you can
bind a key to, that does the same thing.

Kind of hinted at here:

being more explicit is better though.

(the above page may also be out of date -- GIMP now preserves the
exact shape of the clipboard rather than autocropping to hold the
content in a minimal rectangle)

> respective layer.)
> And yes, that Ctrl-V anchors a copy of the current floating selection was new
> to me and probably should be better documented.  Plus the "Edit" menu entry
To be exact, it anchors any current floating selection before creating
a new floating selection.

> still says "Paste Ctrl+V" while "Paste Into" (which does the same) does not
> have a shortcut listed.
Paste Into is markedly different from Paste.

Try this:

1. Open an image.
2. Edit->Copy
3. Make a circular selection
4. Edit->Paste Into

Essentially, 'Paste into' uses the selection mask to mask out parts of
the selection, whereas 'Paste' clears the selection beforehand.


With 'Paste into' it's possible to quickly paste one or more things
into a limited area.
(I personally favor layer masking for this; however for speed of use,
Paste Into is superior.)

> Btw, http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-selection-float.html still seems to be from
> 2.4 times (or older), I'll crosspost this fact to the gimp-docs mailing list
> as well.
Older for sure :) Just plain confusing.
I think a crossreference to
is also a good thing to include in the floating-selections page.

(I'm pretty sure we are trying to get rid of floating selections, but
I suspect we will only be free to find an adequate alternative when
the projection system is completely GEGLized.

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