On Thursday 20 November 2008, David Gowers wrote:
> Oops, I see you originally suggested modifier-clicking to create a new
> layer. Sorry, I do not agree with that proposition, it seems too fiddly to
> me -- esp. because there is no reliably free modifier key. (Alt is only
> unused by paint, transform (and color?) tools; All selection tools use
> Alt.)

The same holds for no modifier key at the moment (mouse without any keys is 
used already... in certain ways), I don't know if that's intentional 
behaviour though.

A little demo:
1) Copy&paste a selection to create a floating selection ('F').
2a) Single-click outside the float F to anchor it.
- undo to go back one step -
2b) Drag outside the float: A new selection ('S') will be created to define 
where the floating layer F shall be applicable. 

Now, my proposal to handle the Alt key from this situation on:
3a) Alt+click creates a new "real" layer (single-click is equivalent to 2a).
3b) Alt+drag performs the selection tool's "Alt" behvaiour, as is currently 
indicated in the status bar: "Click-Drag to move the selection mask" 
(click-drag is equivalent to 2b).

Other key events (like scroll buttons, as you suggested) could be bound to 
that as well, of course.

I am aware this would mean further overloading of tools, so more I welcome 
more comments and discussion.


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