On Wednesday 30 July 2008, Theodore Imre wrote:
> i would suggest this palette:
> http://gatogirl12345.deviantart.com/art/Copic-Colors-for-The-Gimp-86084821
> its a copic markers palette with all the copic markers colors.You know
> how expensive these are? How much people love buying them exactly
> because of their colors? =P

IANAL but:
The artist on deviantart may be ok now with redistributing the palette, but 
before this is shipped, some lawyer should have a look at it.  While the 
colour data of a single colour is probably not copyrighted in most countries 
(The _use_ of certain colors in certain contexts may be protected, under 
trademark laws, for example.  But that doesn't matter here, I think.), the 
distribution of databases may be seen as original work and thus protected.  
And if the databases are not gatogirl12345's invention, GIMP might run into 

Just my 2ยข, 

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