Pablo Yaggi wrote:
> But I don't want to call it from a gimp plugin, I want to call it from
> inside a simple c program, is it possible ?
> I mean using libgimp outside Gimp, just linking to it, if it so
> I suppose I need to make some initialization and I should
> need to create some type of data object and so, any example ?
> Best Regards
> Pablo

The GIMP plug-ins are not available as a statically linkable libraries
(with perhaps some corner cases such as the libflame based plug-in).
Keep in mind that plug-ins are separate executables/processes that
communicate with the GIMP core through a pipe.

Maybe you can find the filter you want in the GEGL framework which you
can link statically/dynamically as any library and extend with your own

- Martin
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