On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 16:21 -0200, Luis A. Florit wrote:

>     I have a script-fu that worked fine in 2.4 and it's broken in 2.6.
> It had a conditional to apply the layer's mask if it exists. This is
> what it read:
>   (cond
>       ((gimp-layer-get-mask SharpenLayer)(gimp-layer-remove-mask SharpenLayer 
> 0))
>   )
> Now it is broken.

How exactly is it broken? It really doesn't help to say that something
is broken if you don't explain in more detail what happens and what you
expect to happen. This might be a bug that can be fixed easily, but we
need a useful error description and perhaps a simple test script in
order to find out.


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