On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:39 PM, Pablo Yaggi <pya...@alsurdelsur.com> wrote:
>> Script-fu has no special status, it's just an extension to gimp
>> In fact, Gimp-Python has been the standard recommended language interface
>> for quite a while now.
> Will it be deprecated some time soon ?
No, Script-Fu will not be deprecated soon. Though it's less powerful
than Gimp-Python, it is more secure than Gimp-Python, and people have
lots of Script-Fu scripts.

> Gimp-python is packed as an optional package in mi distro (mandriva) besides
> you need python installed, script-fu is supported in the gimp core, that
> sounds like python being the extension, don't you think ?
No, extension is an actual idea GIMP recognises, you can find it in
the plugin browser.
'Type' says 'extension' or 'plugin' or 'temp procedure'

Script-fu is supported in the gimp core in the same way that
Gimp-Python is: Not at all.

They are both plugins. Script-fu is classified as an extension,
Gimp-Python is classified as a plugin.
Either can be removed from GIMP by deleting some files; I once removed
script-fu because it filled my menus with items I did not have any use
for. GIMP continued to work perfectly.

> so it will be no valid for python either, if the order of your example
> parameters is correct. Also the pdb-browser its a helper
Speculating, and taking no action, only makes you look foolish.

This has been working for a long time. The PDB is a standard mechanism
that doesn't care at all about Script-fu or any other plugin. I have
tried it myself.

For example (commands that can be executed in Gimp-Python console):

# this calls script_fu_sphere non-interactively
pdb.script_fu_sphere (10, 180, 1, (1,1,1), (1,0,0))

# this calls script_fu_sphere interactively, a window will pop-up.
pdb.script_fu_sphere (10, 180, 1, (1,1,1), (1,0,0), run_mode = 0)

> for the console (it launches from there)
No, it is not a helper for the script-fu console. It's a helper for
plugin programming, which means *any* plugin, whether written in C,
C++, Python, Script-Fu, Ruby, Perl, or Lua.

> , but entering commands in the
> console prompt like it shows, in many cases (when calling other scripts)
> you get errors.

That is because of the inflexible behaviour of script-fu, and the fact
that GIMP doesn't care about what it's plugins do, script-fu is not
special, it's just an extension to GIMP, not a vital part of it.

The inability for script-fus to call other script-fus with control
over run-mode is purely a design decision that the author of the
Script-Fu extension made.

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