Sampo Niskanen wrote:
> Hi,
> In previous versions of Gimp, the crop tool had the option to resize the 
> canvas, but not to crop the layers.  This functionality has been removed 
> in recent versions (or at least I can't find it).  This totally disrupted 
> my regular workflow with all photos.


What do you think about making the layers not be cropped if Allow
Growing is checked? Making the canvas larger generally does not affect
layer sizes when that option is checked, so not affecting the layer
sizes when making the canvas smaller with the option checked kind of
makes sense. Long term we should get rid the need for a user to manually
manage the size of a layer, that can an should be handled internally.

I have attached a patch for trunk that introduces the proposed
behaviour. Even if it is a small change this is a feature change so we
should not commit this to the GIMP 2.6 branch.

> AFAIK none of the modifier keys are currently used by the crop tool, so 
> could this feature be reinstated to the tool?  I recall that a shift-click 
> was used to shrink the canvas instead of performing regular cropping.

Modifier keys are used when adjusting the shape of the crop rectangle,
but currently not when doing the actual crop. If would prefer if we can
avoid to introduce additional modifier keys.


Index: app/tools/gimpcroptool.c
--- app/tools/gimpcroptool.c	(revision 27815)
+++ app/tools/gimpcroptool.c	(working copy)
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ gimp_crop_tool_execute (GimpRectangleToo
       gimp_image_crop (image, GIMP_CONTEXT (options),
                        x, y, w + x, h + y,
-                       TRUE);
+                       ! options->allow_growing);
       gimp_image_flush (image);
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