Alexia Death wrote:
> On Sunday 21 December 2008 13:45:37 Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> What do you think about making the layers not be cropped if Allow
>> Growing is checked? Making the canvas larger generally does not affect
>> layer sizes when that option is checked, so not affecting the layer
>> sizes when making the canvas smaller with the option checked kind of
>> makes sense. 
> while logic makes sense,  i think the option should be renamed if this is 
> done. It is very unintuitive. I would never think of checking an option 
> "Allow 
> Growing" to prevent layers getting cropped.

The Allow Growing option was actually a quick hack to be able to release
GIMP 2.4, we never really wanted that checkbox in the first place. When
we discussed this back then we rather wanted the crop rectangle to
merely snap against the canvas edges but other than that not being

Perhaps a better approach is to only crop the layers if 'Current layer
only' option is checked and then remove that option too when
auto-managed layer sizes is in place.

- Martin
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