Sampo Niskanen wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, peter sikking wrote:
>> so the core of the discussion is your personal workaround for the
>> highlighting feature in GIMP 2.2.
>> Can I invite you to work with "Highlight: off" in GIMP 2.4, for a  
>> month
>> to get the hang of it, and report back how it is going?
> Excuse me?  I'm not sure what you are referring to.

oh, sorry, wrong (latest-stable) version number.

I was trying to find out if the new (since 2.4) crop with its
improved handles would work for you. if not, why not? (now
a question of the past)

> The point is that it is impossible to perform a non-destructive crop  
> in
> Gimp 2.6 (other than using Canvas Size as a workaround, which is  
> extremely
> non-visual).  I often do additional editing after the preliminary  
> crop,
> and want to be able to fine-tune the positioning afterwards.  This  
> should
> be made possible.

now we are getting closer to the requirements you have.
for which the canvas border is an unfortunate workaround.

When I had to think of a proper solution for this problem in general,
I would have to understand where the needs of many, many users for a
non-destructive crop are. And figure out what non-destructive crop
really means. Oxymoron, or saving a certain rectangular selection?

right now using a rect-select (move rect instead of the content),
copy visible and paste-as-new-image look to be a better work around.

> Thank you Martin for the quick patch.  I re-built the Ubuntu  
> packages with
> the patch and it works great!  However, I agree with others that the
> option name should be changed or some other option used for this.

can I strongly suggest not to apply this patch in svn?

this is now a complex issue, with non-destructive crop, resizing of
layers/canvas, normal crop all in the mix. no time for a quick hack.


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