On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> But one reason I crop the image is to save memory.  And on a 14,000 x 
> 10,000 pixel rgb image, you can actually save quite a bit of memory if 
> you are cropping down to (say) 5,000 x 7,000.

Yes, saving memory is an important aspect for a "destructive" crop, and 
achieving it otherwise is troublesome.

>> Select the crop range and click on it to crop,
>> shift-click to perform a non-destructive crop.
> or hit Enter to confirm, and control-enter or something??
> It would need a status-bar message in order to be discoverable.

I think that the regular toggle-key message in the toolbox would be 
sufficient, i.e. "Crop/expand canvas (Shift)".

I think some kind of clue like this was how I originally discovered the 
shift-click in the old Gimp version, though it had a dialog box with a 
separate button for the action as well.

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