2008/12/31 psgooda wrote:

> I wish to use GIMP. I have downloaded it. I have run the setup program.
> I have a problem as a result.
> Some more background information first.
> I am British. I live in Switzerland. My computer was purchased in 
> Switzerland. The OS offered does not have an
> English option, so I struggle with the German.
> Here is my problem.
> I do NOT WANT GIMP TO TALK TO ME IN GERMAN. Please tell me how to get it 
> switched into English.

Here is my problem: I don't like being shouted at. The very first
reaction is to not reply and just delete this mail.

Please learn some basic manners.

> And I'm not impressed that it has taken me so long to navigate through the 
> different screens and options to just
> throw a question out into mid-air, not knowing what will happen to it.

I'm not impressed to see a mail to developers list which actually is
supposed to be written to users list or, rather, not be written at
all, because Google already has the answer you need.


And the easiest way is just to delete translation file inside
C:\Program Files\GIMP\.

I do believe that GIMP for Windows is also shipped with a tiny
standalone utility for switching languages.

Also, it's quite strange that you cannot configure your Windows system
(it is Windows system, is it? - see, you didn't even tell us) to use
English. This is fairly easy to do.

> Screams of frustration.

No comments :)

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