Dear Sven,

thank you so much for your answer.

I am not yelling at developers, I am merely asking for help in a sea of 
misunderstanding. The entire note I sent was 
supposed to be a gently humorous way of attracting some attention as I was 

Nowhere whatsoever on the web sites that I discovered does it actually help me 
find the right place to ask.

The only possible answer that I found was using the "Contact Us" connection.

Following that, I had to choose a path with insufficient information as to 
which would be the correct path to choose. 
For a beginner to find their way through these reefs and whirlpools is 
bewildering in the extreme. So I had, It 
appeared, to register in some group or other, just to ask a basic question. How 
do I, without insider knowledge, decide 
upon the best course of action.

So I chose one and sent a covering note to say that I was uncertain as to which 
path to choose and would be grateful 
for some navigational help.

I was totally unaware that I would receive such unfriendly and insulting 
replies from people, some of whom seem, at 
first glance, to live in an ivory tower. So I trod on some toes it seems, but 
with no intention of so doing, and with 
little or no help to guide me. I have ignored the first 7, yes that is SEVEN, 
insulting eMails that I have received, in 
one of which, the author suggested I find better manners, whilst then proceding 
to insult me again. Double-standards 
appear to exist in these rarified strati.

Personally, I can take the insults you and others have dished out, but I do not 
understand the reference to 
"yelling". I have not yelled at anyone, I have merely highlighted a part of my 
mesasge as my eMail program does not 
allow any underlines, colour, italivcs or anything like that.

Perhaps, if you have the time, you would be able to discuss this with me 
personally without any need for insults.

And no, I was not "smart enough" to go to such a site, as I was simply unaware 
that it existed. It is very kind of 
you to point out the existence of that resource, which I will now be able to 

So I will remember the next time I see a drowning man, to make sure that I 
insult him from the safety of the river 
bank as I moan about his manners to all and sundry.

Yours most enlightenedly,

Phil Gooda.

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On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 21:18 +0000, wrote:

> I do NOT WANT GIMP TO TALK TO ME IN GERMAN. Please tell me how to get
> it switched into English.

So you are not smart enough to go to the GIMP user manual at and to enter the term "Language" into the Search
box? Instead you decided to yell at the developers. I think you should
better start to pay for your software. Please stop to use Free Software,
thank you.


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