> Dear Sven,
> There currently is no one maintaing th
> thank you so much for your answer.
> I am not yelling at developers, I am merely asking for help in a sea of 
> misunderstanding. The entire note I sent was 
> supposed to be a gently humorous way of attracting some attention as I was 
> drowning.
> Nowhere whatsoever on the web sites that I discovered does it actually help 
> me find the right place to ask.

Hi Phil

The website is as good as unmaintained and we would love to see someone
improving it, feel free to be the one.

Even if your intention was not to yell in you mail that is how caps are
interpreted and the replies you got was based on that. The worst thing
you can do now is taking the replies personal. They are not targeting
you as a person but they way you expressed yourself in your mail.

Just pay some extra attention to how you express yourself in your next
gimp-developer thread and everything will be just fine.

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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