> Dear Sven,
> thank you so much for your answer.

If you're not used to the world of free software, there are few things
you have to get used to.  The first is that every single line of code,
the testing of every single line of code, every bit of documentation,
all the web-site maintenance, etc., etc., is done on a volunteer basis
by people who, in addition to all the work they put into the GIMP, have
real-life demands on their time, such as professions that pay their
bills.  Those who maintain the GIMP are under absolutely no obligation
to do so, and there's no "GIMP Ltd." or some such that owes its
existence to the sale of copies of the GIMP.

So, be nice to these people.  Aside from the satisfaction of creating a
fabulous piece of software, it's the only thanks they get.

BTW, emphasis is customarily suggested in these lists by enclosing
material to be emphasised/ in forward slashes.

Chris Moller

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