On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:23 AM, Cristian Secară <or...@secarica.ro> wrote:
> During the translation process I came across this tooltip:
> ===
> When enabled, dock windows (the toolbox and palettes) are set to be
> transient to the active image window. Most window managers will keep
> the dock windows above the image window then, but it may also have
> other effects.
> ===
> I wanted to check my translation on the real thing, but I also want to
> see this to see this option in action (sounds good to me). But I don't
> know where that option is.
> Is this implemented ?
yes, it is not hidden and it is implemented.

the option associated with that is 'transient docks' (in the
'interface section of the preferences IIRC)

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