Gimp has bundled babl and gegl since 2.5.0 release, and these two
modules are under LGPLv3 license. According to this diagram
, the Gimp license has already been converted to GPLv3.

I understand Gimp uses "GPLV2 or later " statement and thus has no issue
with GPLv3, but I feel it would be better if we can bump it to GPLv3.

Also, we didn't update the Gimp since 2.4.x release here in Solaris due
to the license issue, and I was asked to use GPLv3 if we want to using
latest Gimp release ( or I need to remove all babl and gegl related code).
Do you think it's proper if we keep a internal patch for the time being
to apply GPLv3 to Gimp in Solaris.

Any comments are appreciated.


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