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saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com wrote:

> The licensing specified in the files app/gui/ige-mac-menu.[ch] appears  
> to be LGPL2.1 with no "or later" clause. LGPLv2.1 permits, without any  
> further authorization, changing the code's license to later GPL  
> versions (but apparently not subsequent LGPL versions); so the  
> copyright holder's permission isn't strictly necessary to relicense  
> the code as GPL3, but it would seem appropriate and courteous to check  
> if they wouldn't rather add the "or later" option to their LGPLv2.1  
> code (obviating the need to re-license as GPL3). 

That code is supposed to end up in GTK+ anyways. It's just copied here
until that is the case. But I guess Mitch can just ask his colleagues if
they agree with the license change.


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