> From: Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com>

> I agree with basically all your points but to be honest I
> can't see why
> anyone would want to use those scripts at all.

Many young download and start using GIMP to make sigs for forum
So their first contact with GIMP include that scripts
As they are they may give a very bad impression of the program.

This may be corrected without much effort from the developer staff
What may needed from the staff are just sort of guidelines.

As all selecting tool offer all the most logic options for selection
(replace selection, subtract , add, intersect )i will like for the script the 
possibility to do the same for the most logic input/output options:

 nobody would like have to search a Free-selection tool able to subtract to the 
selection in a Menu, and then have to search another,almost identical Free 
Selection tool able to Add to the selection in a different menu .

But something similar happen for all logo-related scripts and even if in a less 
evident way for most of the script-fu bundled in Gimp,this due to that old way 
to categorize the script fu

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