Quoting "Alchemie foto\grafiche" <fotocom...@yahoo.it>:

> If what i described was done intentionally i will fear Sadism

Uncalled for!

The GIMP developers have put a LOT of time into considering how to  
present dialogs, what controls should be provided, how to describe  
those controls, and how to place them in the menus so that the user  
obtains some intuitive feel for what the results may be.

I realize English is not your primary language but that is no excuse  
for accusing developers of willfully making GIMP painful to use. Even  
if your statement is partly in jest, it is not constructive towards  
communicating ways to improve operations of GIMP.

FWIW, I feel your suggestion bears little merit, and would in fact  
present the user with unnecessary and confusing options. Additionally  
it would require hundreds of hours of effort by the interface  
designers, developers, documenters, and translators.

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