Winston Chang wrote:
> I took a look at the svn history of unsharp-mask.c (I'm the original
> author) and saw that the fix for bug #166406 stopped using a lookup
> table called ctable. This was because it slowed things down a lot for
> large values of radius, due to cache overloading.
> After the fix, the lookup table is no longer being used for the
> blurring algorithm, but it's still being generated and traversed
> during the blur, so I have a patch that removes all that useless code,
> without affecting functionality at all. What's the best way to submit
> it, as I can't commit to the SVN repository?


I want to mention that since we are in the progress of migrating to GEGL
we generally prefer that people make sure the GEGL counterpart works
well rather than maintaining the legacy 8 bpc code. A patch for GEGL is
much more attractive than a patch for an old GIMP plug-in.

That being said, the best way to submit patches is to open a bug report
at and attach it there.

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