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> Eckhard M. J├Ąger wrote:
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> > Dear Gimp Developers,
> >
> > the opensource mag T3N asked me about writing an outlook about GIMP in
> > 2009 and what users
> > can expect this year.

> But to be honest I think it is best if this magazine does not write
> about what GIMP will get in 2009 simply because there is no way to make
> guarantees. If they write about it they should emphasize that everything
> is preliminary and not a promise, and that probably won't make the
> article as exciting as they want.
> Note that the magazine is free to do what they like though, I just
> wanted to give my thoughts on it.

Forgive me for the presumption but may I suggest something? instead of lowering
expectations in advance, perhaps you could do something else: use the publicity
as an opportunity for attracting new developers. If you do provide some vision
and a roadmap for the steps ahead, and tell the magazine about the edffort to
switch to GEGL (which should bring all sorts of goodies to GIMP) perhaps the
people reading the magazine (I assume the readership is skewed towards
programmers, this being a magazine about open source) will be inspired to join
the GIMP team and help.

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