Michael Grosberg wrote:
> Martin Nordholts <enselic <at> gmail.com> writes
>> But to be honest I think it is best if this magazine does not write
>> about what GIMP will get in 2009 simply because there is no way to make
>> guarantees. If they write about it they should emphasize that everything
>> is preliminary and not a promise, and that probably won't make the
>> article as exciting as they want.
>> Note that the magazine is free to do what they like though, I just
>> wanted to give my thoughts on it.
> Forgive me for the presumption but may I suggest something? instead of 
> lowering
> expectations in advance, perhaps you could do something else: use the 
> publicity
> as an opportunity for attracting new developers.

You have a point. With this in mind I adjust my reply to:

I here talk a little about what we would like to get into 2.8 and 2.10:

There is no official roadmap but that more or less summarizes what has
been said in recent discussions between developers.

- Martin
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