On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 5:04 PM, jbaker <jba...@gimpthoughts.com> wrote:
> 1) Have you thought about assigning a 'default' tag to all of the
> standard gimp items ? - It would be nice to filter out all of the
> standard items with one click...

There were thoughts to assign default tags (which are neither assigned
nor removed by users), such as resource name. Perhaps they could even
be translatable. However, it is not obvious how it would be better to
implement such functionality.

I think resource distribution with tags assigned is one of the
questions which should be addressed before GIMP 2.8 release. When GIMP
detects new resources, how can it find tags for them (possibly
translated) ? It also would be nice to allow user to drag-and-drop
"resource pack" (*.tar.gz or similar) so that all resources with tags
assigned would get installed.

> 2) When a user clicks the refresh button in the palettes, gradients,
> brush dialog or a script uses any of the 'gimp-*-refresh' procedures,
> what if gimp would re-read the tags.xml file at that point.

That is a good idea. It should probably not reread, but "merge" with
loaded tags as user might have made changes both from GUI and manually
in tags.xml.

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